The Hottest Honeymoon Destinations in 2017

Marriage is good, but the honeymoon is even better. As the year 2017 has just begun, experts have taken stock of the destinations that will make the newlyweds dream in 2017. Sun and change of scenery to be expected.

The honeymoon is a millennial custom, and let’s face it, it is perhaps even more tasty and appreciable than the wedding ceremony. Because not only the honeymoon allows you to fully enjoy the loved one, it is also the perfect opportunity to offer (or to be offered) the excursion of his dreams. And to believe the US site My Domain, even dreams follow fashion. So, while the spouses of 2016 have favored sports trips that drive adrenaline, 2017 should be the year of destinations that smell good sun, relaxation, and luxury. Experts have looked into the subject and have established a selection of 6 cities / islands that should serve as decorations for many honeymoons this year. What to chip some ideas here and there …

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