How Will A Trump Presidency Affect Travel?

On Friday,  Jan. 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Everybody is wondering what decisions he’ll make and how it will affect their respective industries. One travel survey predicted that a million tourists would lose interest in travel should Trump win. The travel industry is also waiting to see how Trump will impact tourism. While the world waits, here are some opinions on what people hope he will do, as well as some concerns that they have.

Mahesh Chaddah of has hope that Trump will use his previous involvement in the travel industry to boost the industry. “With Donald Trump’s long-time involvement in the travel industry, coupled with his plan to rebuild U.S. infrastructure, many jobs can be created and make America a welcoming destination,” said Chaddah. “Due to improving relations with Cuba, OTAs plan to grow their business in this region. If the relationship were to change, projected growth OTAs planned for would be drastically altered as well.

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