Exploring Maldives: Amazing Things To Do

Maldives is a premier tourist destination that comes with a horde of attractive places that makes you wonder in awe. It is known for its extensive reefs, blue lagoons and powdery white-sand beaches. Many of the nation’s attractions, both man-made and natural, will make your vacation unforgettable. We have put together some tips and things to do in Maldives that may ease your planning worries.

A good tip on what to do in Maldives is to hail a taxi. Taxis in the country are actually public ferries that link its many beautiful islands. While enjoying the relaxing ride, you can admire bright tropical fishes swimming by on pristine turquoise waters as well as picturesque sailboats and luxury yachts. 

Maldives offers some great cuisine experiences, some of them being submerged underwater. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is home to a 14 seater glass dome underwater restaurant. This dome rests five meters under the sea, allowing you to dine in style while admiring an abundant collection of colorful marine life. Another resort that hosts an underwater eatery is the Kihavah Anantara, perfect for a romantic meal under the sea. If deep sea eating isn't your style, why not take a seaplane to Uffa, an Asian-Mediterranean-Maldives restaurant located in the Southern part of Male. This one of a kind fusion restaurant is sure to appeal to your inner adventurer. 

Aside from world-class food, you can also enjoy amazing accommodations while in Maldives. The country is home to more than a thousand islands and only 300 are inhabited. Because most of the inhabited land has small mass coverage, this allows premier accommodations to be set above the water. You can relax in luxury, then dive straight into a blue lagoon right in front of your living room. In addition to that, many of the accommodations that line the coast come with sensational spas that have glass floors. This allows you to relax in style while enjoying the view of the sea floor where often times, colorful fish and sharks pass by. 

You can also head out to Shark Park, a sanctuary where you can take a night dive and see whale sharks, hammerheads and grey reef sharks. If you don't feel like swimming, you can always take a relaxing walk along a jetty set among the lagoons or take a look at the shark nurseries, where lemon sharks are known to be found.


In addition to seeing baby sharks in the sanctuary, you can also enjoy an educational dive in many of the country’s amazing reefs. During these dives, expect to see more than a thousand species of fish living around colorful soft and hard corals, channels, wreck and caves. You can also stop by spots where you can spot dolphins, sea turtles and eagle and manta rays.

Last but definitely not the least thing to do while in Maldives is to go spice shopping. There's a local market in Male where you can find world-class spice mixes for curries, chilies and more. You can even buy some native treats like coconut and palm sugar rolled into dried leaves. 

So if you plan to enjoy a grand vacation along amazing beaches touching seas bursting with marine life and experience culinary delights, then stop by Maldives.