Quintessential Guide to Enjoying Budget Travel

Thanks to the wide array of options, traveling is no longer as expensive as it was before. Budget travelers can rejoice at the thought of not having to spend their life’s savings for that dream trip, or a weekend getaway to escape stress from work. Here are some tips to get you started on your travel plans: 

  Reservations.com  - Enjoy Budget Travel

Reservations.com - Enjoy Budget Travel

Timing is Everything
When it comes to traveling on a budget, timing is everything. Scout for airfares and hotel rates as early as 10 months before your intended date of departure. Take advantage of special promotions for early birds or other discounted packages. If you’re all set to book, remember that it’s cheaper to fly during mid-week. And in general, travel during off-peak season can save you a few dollars. Christmas and summer holidays must be avoided at all costs. 

Choose cheap lodgings for richer experiences
It can be tempting to book a nice hotel room with all the perks included. But staying in a home-like alternative works best for your budget. Various options like backpacker hostels and guesthouses offer cozy lodgings for less. Staying in family-run hostels gives you service with a personal touch. You only spend a few hours in your room at night, so why opt for expensive digs? 

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Avoid Dining Out
Dining out can deplete your budget very quickly. Snacks can be prepared ahead of time before you leave your hotel. Bring something to munch on like dried fruit, nuts or muesli bars to curb your hunger while on the road. Take your own water bottle with you so you can fill it with water when you pass by water dispensers or fountains. If you really want to try a popular restaurant in the area, keep an eye out on ‘happy hour’ promos to save up. See if there are bakeries near you so you can score deals during closing hours. 

Take Advantage of Freebies 
During your trip, you’re bound to encounter plenty of services or items that are free of charge. Look up information on museums, parks and other attractions that don’t charge entrance fees. Take advantage of the complimentary breakfast that comes with your lodging arrangements. It provides you enough energy that you won’t feel the need for a mid-morning snack. If your trip involves traveling in between cities, consider taking the sleeper train, which saves you the price of a one night’s stay in a hotel. 

Don’t Go Overboard on Souvenir Shopping

Your friends or family will understand if you can’t bring them souvenirs from your trip. If you spend too much on bulky souvenirs, you can end up paying for excess baggage on your flight back. Opt for small keepsakes if you really want to give out souvenirs. It’s the thought that counts, not the size.