Henn-na Hotel: World's 1st Robot Staffed Hotel

 The Front Desk at the Henn-na Hotel

The Front Desk at the Henn-na Hotel

The Henn-na Hotel in Tokyo, Japan is the world's first robot staffed hotel. The hotel features several different robots to assist you throughout your stay. There are robots are check-in, robot bellman who deliver your bags to your room for you, concierge robots to answer any questions you may have, cloak robots to store your luggage if needed upon check-out, informational robots to provide directions or information about the hotel, and facial recognition robots at your hotel room door to unlock the door for you.

This hotel is the first of its kind and is a destination for many traveling around the world. The hotel offers 72 rooms available to the public. Operated by entirely robots, there is no human connection necessary! 

Henn-na Hotel does not offer a restaurant or a store in the lobby. Everything is performed with vending machines in order to keep the trend of robots steady throughout the hotel! For example, if you are hungry and in need of a meal there are several vending machines offering favorite foods such as burritos and pizza. The vending machine even heats them up for you and serves them piping hot ready to eat! If you forgot pajamas, no worries! Another vending machine down the hall offers pajamas and slippers for rental. Rest assured knowing everything is user friendly and available 24/7!

Finally, if you have any questions or needs throughout your stay there is an in-room concierge robot available to answer any questions. It can provide directions to the vending machines or even instructions to check out. Once you're in bed ready to close your eyes you can ask the concierge robot to turn off the lights. Time to snooze!

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