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Desination Bucket List: The Great Pyramids of Giza

Egypt, a land of wonder and mysteries untold. Even after thousands of years, the astounding structures that made Ancient Egypt the jewel of the olden world are still as amazing as when they were first built. Travelers who want to step back in time and experience the cradle of civilization should put visiting Egypt on top of their bucket list.

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Visiting Calaguas Beaches

Paradise comes to mind when the immaculate beaches of Calaguas come into view. This group of islands is one of the numerous tropical destinations in the Philippines that continues to receive rave reviews. Find out why with these highlights that could persuade you to visit this sandy wonderland. 

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Fantastic Spots You’ve Seen in Films

Many box-office films attract moviegoers not only because of the actors’ talents or cinematic effects, but also on where some or most of the scenes are shot. There have been many locations all around the world that have gained attention because of its exposure in films and are now considered tourist attractions. In fact, many of these newly-developed attractions have allowed local governments to earn revenues from tourists.

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